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Hi everyone,

First of all, if you ask what is Amigurumi, it is the name given to stuffed toys, which use frequent needle technique made with crochet or skewers.
You can easily learn these wonderful handcrafted amigurumiand add color to your life as a pleasant hobby. Don’t you want to design a toy with your own hands, whether it’s for decoration purposes or your child?

All you have to do is easily create the pattern by following the necessary steps. If you don’t have an idea of the necessary schematics and termiloseji, don’t be afraid, we’ve prepared completely video sources for you.

You can reach the terminology source here..

So I decided to open a blog about his amigurumi, the subject I’ve been thinking about and quite loved for a long time.
For my esteemed readers, I will publish unique amigurumi patterns on my blog completely free of charge.


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