bear amigurumi keychain, amigurumi keychain free pattern

Hi guys, today’s awesome amigurumi pattern is the little bear keychain. You can make this bear amigurumi key chain pattern to use on your door or in your bag. Do not forget that it is a great handmade gift idea, you can make amigurumi keychain for your loved ones. Don’t you think the brown bear amigurumi keychain model looks great? You can knit a beautiful flower on it, our designer thought and made it. You can visit our website for more different amigurumi keychain models, have fun.

The crochet teddy bear is quite easy and quite durable. The only place you need to pay attention is the eyes of the amigurumi. In fact, you can crochet that part as well. The keychain teddy bear pattern is completely free. I hope you will like it. Now let’s crochet the teddy bear amigurumi step by step.

Bear Keychain Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern


Instagram: handmadebylacey


•2mm hook
•6mm safety eyes


MR– magic ring
sc– single crochet
hdc– half double crochet
dc– double crochet
inc– increase (2 single crochet in 1 stitch)
dec– decrease (invisible decrease)
FLO– front loop only
slst– slip stitch


1. 6sc in ring
2. inc (12)
3. 1sc,inc (18)
4. 2sc,inc (24)
5. 3sc,inc (30)
6. 4sc,inc (36)
7-12. sc in all

Attache safety eyes between row
9-10 with 6 st apart

13. 4sc,dec (30)
14. 3sc,dec (24)
15. 2sc,dec (18)
16. 1dec, 10sc, 1dec, 4sc (16)

Ear (X2)

1. 6sc in ring
2. inc (12)
3. 1sc, inc (18)
4-6. sc in all


1. 6sc in ring
2. inc (12)
3. sc in all

Arms (X2)

1. 6sc in ring
2-8. sc in all

Legs (X2)

Ch 5, star in second ch from hook
1. 3sc, 3sc in last st, continue on other side, 2sc, inc
2. inc, 2sc, 3inc, 2sc, 2inc
3. 4sc, 3dec, 4sc, dec
4. 4sc, 2dec, 4sc
5-10. sc in all
11. (3sc,dec)*


Yellow yarn
1. 5sc in ring
Change colour to pink
2. (ch3,2dc,ch3,slst)* in same st
Do this in every st around.


1. 6sc in ring
2. inc (12)
3. 1sc, inc (18)
4. 2sc, inc (24)
5. 3sc, inc (30)
6-10. sc in all
11. 4sc, dec (25)
12. 3sc, dec (20)
13. sc in all
14. 3sc, dec (16)
15-16. sc in all

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