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Ben The Crochet Penguin Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

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Hello everyone, today’s free amigurumi pattern is crochet penguin. Penguins are wonderfully sweet animals living in the southern hemisphere, if you want to make a special toy for your kids, I would say this is the ideal pattern for you.

I am happy to share a wonderful penguin amigurumi crochet toy pattern with you. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun while making this cute amigurumi friend, which is prepared with a stylish crochet beanie and scarf for cold weather. Of course, don’t forget the gloves, the suit wouldn’t be complete without them, right? Crochet this cute and wonderful crochet penguin toy step by step and gift it to your loved ones. Thank you for choosing us for the free amigurumi pattern.

Ben The Penguin Crochet Pattern

Instagram: engurumist


MR– macig ring
Ch– chain
Sc– single crochet
ınc– increase
Dec– decrease
Sc3tog– single crochet 3 together
(decrease 3 stitches into one)
Sl st– slip stitch
BLO– back loop only
HDC– half double crochet
DC– double crochet
DCinc– double crochet increase

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1. MR 6sc
2. 6inc- 12sc
3. (1sc,1inc)*6- 18sc
4. 1ch, (2DC,1DCinc)*2, 12sc- 18sc

Head and body

1. MR- 8sc
2. 8inc- 16sc
3. (1sc,1inc)*8- 24sc
4. (3sc,1inc)*6- 30sc
5. (4sc,1inc)*6- 36sc
6. (6sc,1inc)*6- 42sc
7. (6sc,1inc)*6- 48sc
8. (7sc,1inc)*6- 54sc
9-15. 54sc (7 rounds)
16. (17sc,1inc)*3- 57sc
17. (18sc,1inc)*3- 60sc
18. (19sc,1inc)*3- 63sc
19-21. 63sc (3 rounds)
22. (20sc,1inc)*3- 66sc
23-32. 66sc (10 rounds)

Now insert the eyes between the rounds 15-16, but pass
them through the white eye pieces first.


1. MR- 6sc
2. (1sc,1inc)*3- 9sc
3. (2sc,1inc)*3- 12sc
4. 12sc
5. 4sc, 4inc, 4sc- 16sc
6-7. 16sc
8. 6sc, 4inc, 6sc- 20sc
9. 20sc
10. (4sc,1inc)*4- 24sc
11-14. 24sc (4 rounds)
15. (2sc,1dec)*6- 18sc
16. (1sc,1dec)*6- 12sc

Leave a long tail for sewing.
Fold and sew 2 opposite stitches.
Don’t stuff.


1. MR- 4sc
2. (1sc,1inc)*2- 6sc
3. (2sc,1inc)*2- 8sc
4. (3sc,1inc)*2- 10sc
5. (4sc,1inc)*2- 12sc
6. (3sc,1inc)*3- 15sc

Leave a long tail for sewing. Don’t stuff.


1. 21ch, starting at the 2nd chain 1sc to each- 20sc
2-8. 20sc** At the end of the rows 1ch and turn it back.
9. 1sc3tog, 14sc, 1sc3tog- 16sc
10. 1dec, 12sc, 1dec- 14sc
11. 1sc3tog, 8sc, 1sc3tog- 10sc
12. 1dec, 6sc, 1dec- 8sc
13. 1 sl st, 1sc, 1HDC, 2DC, 1HDC, 1sc, 1sl st- 8 stitches

Make sc to all around and finish.


1. MR- 6sc
2. 6inc- 12sc
3-4. 12sc
5. (3sc,1inc)*3- 15sc
6. (4sc,1inc)*3- 18sc
***1 skip, (1HDC, 1DC, 1HDC),
1 skip, 1sc, (1HDC, 1DC, 1HDC),
1 skip, 1sc, (1HDC, 1DC, 1HDC),
1 Sl st, finish.

Leave a long tail for sewing.
Don’t stuff.
Fold it, we’re going to make 9 stitches by taking the
2 opposite sc together.

Amigurumi Penguin Toy is ready..

Download PDF Pattern

download pdf file

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