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Crochet Among Us Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

Crochet Among Us Amigurumi Free Pattern (3)

Hello friends. Today I will share a different and very easy amigurumi pattern. The pattern is completely free. I will share the crochet Among Us amigurumi pattern. It’s pretty simple to make. Crafted using basic crochet techniques and terms. You are free to choose the color. Crochet among us will be a very small doll when you make the amigurumi good. However, it still looks very cute. I like the leaf-shaped hair detail on her head the most. Such fine touches can add great differences to amigurumis.

Today, I actually wanted to share a crochet animal amigurumi pattern, but I wanted to share the doll among us pattern because I really liked the among us pattern. I hope you liked the pattern and the amigurumi. Now let’s crochet the Among Us amigurumi step by step.

Easy Crochet Among Us Amigurumi Free Pattern

Designer: pupsik_knits


Yarn Alize cotton gold
Hook 2 mm


sc– single crochet
inc -increase
dec – decrease
hdc -half double crochet
dc – double crochet

We start crochet from the legs.

1Rnd: 2 ch, 6 sc in the 2nd loop or amigurumi ring(6)
2Rnd: 6 inc (12)
3Rnd: (1sc,inc)*6 (18)
4-9Rnd: 18sc 6 rounds
This is the first leg, fasten the yarn with a connecting post, cut. We crochet the second leg, then we connect them together:
10Rnd: 3ch from the second leg, attach 1 leg to crochet 18 sc, 3 sc along the chain from ch, 18 sc along the second leg, 3 sc along the chain (42)
11-23Rnd: 42 sc 13 rounds
24Rnd: (5 sc, dec)*6 (36)
25Rnd: 4sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 9sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 7sc (30)
26Rnd: 30sc
27Rnd: 2sc, 1sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 7sc,1sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 5sc (24)
28Rnd: (2sc,dec)*6 (18)
29Rnd: 9 dec, pull off the loops with a needle


1Rnd: 7ch, 5sc, 3sc in the last loop, on the other side of the chain 4sc, inc (14)
2Rnd: inc, 4sc, 3inc, 4sc, 2inc (20)
3Rnd: 1sc, inc, 4sc, (1sc,inc)*3, 4sc, (1sc,inc)*2 (26)
After sewing, tie the glass with single crochet posts with a thin black yarn (like iris) with a 1.5 mm crochet hook.


1Rnd: 10ch, in the 2nd loop from hook 8sc, in the last loop 3 sc, on the other side 7 sc, inc (22)
2- 8Rnd: 22sc 7 rounds
9Rnd: make decreases on the sides (dec from 3sc, 8sc) * 2(18)
Fill, sew the bottom with a needle.


1Rnd: 2ch, 6sc in 2nd loop (6)
2-4Rnd: 6 sc

Leaves 2times🌿

6 ch, 1hdc, 2dc,1hdc, at the top is a pico column of 2 ch, on the other side of the chain 1hdc, 2 dc, 1hdc, slst.

Crochet Among Us Amigurumi Free Pattern (2)

Download PDF Pattern

download pdf file

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