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Crochet Cactus Keychain Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

Llavero Cactus Amigurumi Patrón Gratis

Hi everyone,I shared the cute free amigurumi keychain pattern. You will love the amigurumi cactus pattern. Please read the description part carefully to make it easier step by step. When the amigurumi pattern is completed, it will be 10 cm in size. You can hang the Amigurumi toy in your children’s bags or you can make a keychain for your new home. You can crochet for your loved ones. You can give them away.

The amigurumi cactus pattern is very easy to do. You can make the cactus amigurumi pattern with the colored yarn you have chosen. In this amigurumi pattern, orange colored yarn is used for the pot part. Dark green thread is preferred for the cactus part of the amigurumi pattern. There are small flower patterns on top of the amigurumi pattern. You can knit flower patterns separately. You can use black fabric to make a mouth and eyes on the pot as part of the amigurumi pattern. If you want to prepare it for Christmas, you can do it with red and white wool. You can make the pot turn red. You can make the mouth and eyes with white cloth. Don’t forget to add a little red Christmas hat.

PDF Crochet Cactus Keychain Amigurumi Free Pattern

Instagram: scandistyle_dolls


1. Yarn: green (for the cactus), terracotta (for the pot), brown (for the ground), for flowers. I used Gazzal Baby Cotton yarn (165 m/50 g, 60% cotton, 40% acrylic). It’s better to use yarns of similar weight for the cactus, pot and ground.
2. Crochet hook suitable for your yarn. I used 2 mm crochet hook.
3. Fine thread for decoration.
4. Polyester fiberfill, long needle, scissors, stitch marker, pins.
5. Felt (for mustaches) and glue.
Size of the finished cactus is about 10 cm.


MR – magic ring
ch – chain
SC – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
slst – slip stitch
inc – increase
dec – decrease
BLO – work in back loops only


1) You can make a keychain, for this you just need to sew a ring with a chain (the base for the keychain) on top of the cactus.
2) Very often crocheted cactuses serve as a pincushion. To make the pincushion stable, you need to make it a solid bottom (for example, cut out of cardboard or plastic), and also add weight to the bottom (you can use small pebbles, coins, cereals, etc.).


Green yarn.
This part is worked in turning rows, this means that you need to make 1 ch and turn in the end of each row.
1 – make 17 ch, from second st from the hook work 16 hdc.
Next work each row in back loops only, you need to crochet 23 rows in total.
Leave a thread for sewing in the end.
Then, with the thread left at the end, sew the short edges of the rectangle, and then pull off the upper hole, secure the thread well and weave in the ends.


Terracotta yarn.
1 – 8 sc in MR
2 – 8 inc (16)
3 – (1 sc, inc)*8 (24)
4 – 1 sc, inc, (2 sc, inc)*7, 1 SC (32)
5 – (3 sc, inc)*8 (40)
6 – 40 SC BLO
7-9 – 40 SC (3 rounds)
10 – (19 sc, inc)*2 (42)
11-13 – 42 sc (3 rounds)
Change to brown.
14 – BLO 42 SC
15 – (5 sc, dec)*6 (36)
16 – (4 sc, dec)*6 (30)
17 – (3 sc, dec)*6 (24)
18 – (2 sc, dec)*6 (18)
19 – (1 sc, dec)*6 (12)
Pull all the 12 stitches using a needle. Secure the thread and weave in the ends.


In MR, work: 1 ch, 2 hdc, 1 ch, slst.
Then repeat this combination 4 more times (this will give you 5 petals), pull the ring. Secure the thread and leave a thread for sewing.

Cactus assembly

1) Stuff the cactus with filler, then cut the thread of the same color as the cactus, insert it into the needle, and secure it inside the cactus. Pull the bottom edge of the cactus a little with this thread (having laid wide stitches along the bottom edge), until the lower part fits into the pot and a strip of ground between the cactus and the edge of the pot would be visible after sewing.
2) Then fix the cactus in the middle of the pot with pins and then sew with green thread (grabbing the stitches of the bottom edge of the cactus and the stitches of the ground). At the end, secure the thread and weave in the ends.
3) Next, attach a thread of the color of the pot to the front loops of the 13th round of the pot, make 2 ch and work with hdc in a circle, at the end make a slst into the first stitch. Secure the thread and weave in the ends.
4) Embroider the eyes on the 4th round of the pot, counting from the top edge of the pot. The width of the eye is 2 sc, there are 5 SC between the eyes. Embroider eyelashes as desired, width is 1 SC. Embroider a smile two rounds from the eyes, the width of the smile is 2 sc.
5) If you make a cactus with mustaches, then you do not need to embroider a smile. Cut mustaches of the desired size from felt, glue them, stepping back 1 round from the eyes, and then sew along the edge for reliability.
6) Sew flowers on the cactus as you like. I sewed on 3 flowers of different shades on the side.
Your cactus is ready!
Please use a hashtag #by_scandidolls for the finished works.

Download PDF Pattern
download pdf file

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