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Crochet Rooster PDF Amigurumi Free Pattern

Crochet Rooster PDF Amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello everyone, today we brought you a crochet rooster amigurumi toy pattern. First of all, I would like to thank the owner of the pattern for the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to the detailed step by step crochet pattern instructions, you will complete the crochet rooster amigurumi pattern quickly and very easily. If you wish, you can change the main colors of the crocheted rooster, or you can choose the materials used. Stay tuned for more free crochet amigurumi patterns.

Crochet Rooster PDF Amigurumi Free Pattern

Designer: les.mailles.du.rocher


• Cotton ricorumi (brown, blue, yellow, red)
• Crochet hook: 3 mm
• Yarn needle
• Fiberfill for stuffing
• Safety eyes (5 or 6 mm)
• Stitch marker
• Scissors


Rnd– Round
MR– Magic ring
Ch– Chain
Slst– Slip stitch
Sc– Single crochet
Inc– Increase
Dec– Decrease
Hdc– Half double crochet

Head and Body

Start in brown.

Rnd 1. MR, 6 sc [6]
Rnd 2. (inc)* [12]
Rnd 3. (1sc,inc)* [18]
Rnd 4. (2sc,inc)* [24]
Rnd 5-6. 24 sc [24]
Rnd 7. (3sc,inc)* [30]
Rnd 8-9. 30 sc [30]
Rnd 10. (9sc,inc)* [33]
Rnd 11. 33 sc [33]
Rnd 12. (10sc,inc)* [36]
Rnd 13. BLO 36 sc [36]

change color to blue.

Rnd 14. Ch 9, crochet the first sc on the 2nd ch from hook (marks this stitch as the beginning of the round): 8sc, 1sc in the stitch where the foundation chain starts, 36sc on the body, 7sc, inc [54]
Rnd 15. 2inc, 50sc, 2inc [58]
Rnd 16. 3inc, 53sc, 2inc [63]
Rnd 17-19. 63 sc [63]
Insert the eyes btw rnds 7 and 8.
Rnd 20. 4sc, dec, 52sc, dec, 3sc [61]
Rnd 21. 4sc, dec, 50sc, dec, 3sc [59]
Rnd 22. 4sc, dec, 48sc, dec, 3sc [57]
Rnd 23. 24sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 23sc [55]
Rnd 24. 4sc, dec, 44sc, dec, 3sc [53]
Rnd 25. 22sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 21sc [51]
Rnd 26. 4sc, dec, 19sc, dec, 19sc, dec, 3sc [48], stuff.
Rnd 27. (3sc,dec,3sc)* [42]
Rnd 28. (5sc,dec)* [36]
Rnd 29. BLO (2sc,dec,2sc)* [30]
Rnd 30. (dec)* [15]. Finish stuffing.
Rnd 31. (3sc,dec)* [12]
Rnd 32. (dec)* [6]

Fasten off and close.

In FLO of rnd 28, take blue color and crochet 36 sc all around.
In FLO of rnd 12, take brown color.
R1. (1 sl st, ch 2, 1 sl st in next stitch)*
R2. (ch 3, 1 sl st in chain space of R1)*

Embroider the paws with yellow yarn.


In yellow.

Rnd 1. MR, 4 sc [4]
Rnd 2. (1sc,inc)* [6]
Rnd 3. (1sc,inc)* [9]
Rnd 4. 9 sc [9], 1 sl st.

Fasten off, leaving thread for sewing.


In red.

Ch 2, 1 sl st in 2nd ch from hook (ch 6, 1 sl st in the foundation chain)*2


In red.

Ch 7, 1 sl st in 2nd ch from hook (ch 4, 1 sl st in next stitch on ch)*6

Tail Feathers

In blue.

Make 2:

Ch 2, 1 sl st in 2nd ch from hook.
(ch 11, crochet along the chain: 9sc, 1 sl st), then 1 sl st in the foundation chain)*3

Fasten off and sew both feathers at the back of the body on the top of the tail.

You’ve completed the cute crochet rooster amigurumi pattern, congratulations!

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