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Easy Little Crochet Panda Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

Dear friends, hello to all of you. Looking for a beautiful panda pattern? Today I am sharing a very beautiful amigurumi panda pattern. I hope you like this design. The pattern is quite small. So it will be easy for you to do. When you complete the pieces will be 7.5cm in size. A very cute panda. You can use different colors. It is also an amigurumi that you can use as a keychain. You can also use it as a different decoration item. Depending on the yarn you use, the appearance will change. You can get the same character if you use the same strings.

Panda, as you know, is a very cute animal species that lives in China and is endangered. You know pandas are vegetarian. They usually feed on bamboo and spend most of the day feeding. Today’s panda teddy bear amigurumi pattern is quite easy. It actually looks more like a keychain pattern. More precisely, you can use the doll amigurumi as a key chain. You can make different designs about the color of the crocheted panda, of course, the choice is yours. The pattern is completely free. Now let’s crochet the panda amigurumi step by step.

PDF Little Panda Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Designer; lucy_rose_toys

Materials And Tolls

1. Yarn of white and black colours on your choice. I use drops nord and drops
alpaca for fluffy toys or yarnart jeans. Drops safran, yarnart ıdeal for smooth
2. Crochet hook according to your yarn.
3. Yarn needle, sewing needle.
4. Small amount of white yarn for eyes (for example drops safran, yarnart Ideal).
5. Toy eyes size 5mm, sewing thread of black colour to sew the eyes.
6. Poliester fiberfill.
7. A piece of velcro tape if you use a fluffy yarn.


MR– magic ring
ch– chain stitch
st(s)– stitches (es)
slst– slip stitch
sc– single crochet
hdc– half double crochet
inc– increase (2 sc in the same st)
dec– decrease (crochet 2 sts together)
(…)xn– repeat the instructions in the brackets n times
(n)– amount of sts in row
rnd(s)– round(s)
work in continuos rounds unless otherwise instructed.

Ears (make two)

With black color
1.rnd: 6 sc in MR
2.rnd: 5 inc (12)
3.rnd: 12 sc
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Spots around the eyes (make two)

With black colour
1.rnd: 8 sc in MR, slst
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Hands (make two)

With black colour
1.rnd: 6 sc in MR
2.rnd: (1sc,1inc)x3 (9)
3-4.rnd: 9 sc
5.rnd: 3sc, 1dec, 4sc (8)
6-9.rnd: 8sc
Stuff only the half of the hands. Fold the detail and crochet
4sc joining both sides together. Fasten off cut, cut the yarn leaving
a long tail for sewing.

Legs (make two)

With black colour
1.rnd: 6 sc in MR
2.rnd: (1sc,1inc)x3 (9)
3.rnd: (2sc,1inc)x3 (12)
4.rnd: 12 sc
5.rnd: (2sc,1dec)x3 (9)
6.rnd: 9 sc
7.rnd: 5 hdc, 4 slst (9)
8-12.rnds: 9 sc
Stuff only the lower half of the legs.
13.rnd: (1sc,1dec)x3 (6)
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Close the remaining hole using a yarn needle. Weave in the yarn
throught the front loops of all 6 stitches and pull tightly. Hide the remaining yarn tail inside the


With white colour.
1.rnd: 9 ch, start in the second chain from the hook: 1 inc, 6 sc, 3 sc in the last st, turn and continue
on the other side of the chain. 7 sc (18)
Continue crocheting in spiral.
2.rnd: 18 sc
3.rnd: 2 inc, 6 sc, 3 inc, 6 sc, 1 inc (24)
4.rnd: (1sc,1inc)x2, 6sc, (1sc,1inc)x3,7 sc, 1inc (30)
5.rnd: 30 sc
6.rnd: (2sc,1inc)x2,6sc,(2sc,1inc)x3,8sc,1inc (36)
7.rnd: 36 sc
8.rnd: (3sc,1inc) x2,6sc,(3sc,1inc) x3,9sc,1inc (42)
9.rnd: 42 sc
10.rnd: 4 sc, 1 inc, 20 Sc, 1 inc, 16 sc (44)
11.rnd: 44 sc 12
12.rnd: 5 sc, 1 inc, 21 Sc, 1 inc, 16 sc (46)
13. rnd: 46 sc
Change yarn for black colour.
14.rnd: 6 sc, 1 inc, 22 Sc, 1 inc, 16 sc (48)
15.rnd: 48 sc
16.rnd: 7 sc, 1 inc, 23 sc, 1 inc, 16 sc (50)
17.rnd: 50 sc
Change yarn for white colour.
18- 21.rnds: 50 sc
22.rnd: 7 sc, 1 dec, 23 sc, 1 dec, 16 sc (48)
23-24.rnds: 48 sc
25.rnd: 7 sc, 1 dec, 22 Sc, 1 dec, 15 sc (46)
26.rnd: 46 sc
27.rnd: 2 sc, (1 dec, 3 sc) x 3, 8 sc, (1 dec, 3 sc) x 3, 6 sc (40)
28-29.rnds: 4o sc
3o.rnd: (3 sc, 1 dec) x 8 (32)
31.rnd: (2 sc, 1 dec x 8 (24)
32.rnd: (1 sc, 1 dec) x 8 (16)
Stuff the body tightly, but it must not be too round.
33.rnd: 8 dec (8)
Add some fiberfill if you need to.
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Close the remaining hole using a yarn needle:
weave in the yarn through the front loops of all 8 stitches and pull tightly.
Hide the remaining yarn tail inside the detail.




Embroider the nose between rows 9 and 10, the length of the nose is 3 stitches.
The eyes are sewn on over the spots at the same level with the nose,
the distance between points where the eyes are sewn is 9 stitches (see the picture above).
I fix the position of the eyes with pins. First sew the spots, then the eyes. Embroider the whites of the eyes.
Sew the ears on the top.
The arms are sewn on between rows 14-16 a little bit closer to the tummy. The legs are sewn
on the both sides below row 24 using a thread joint. If you crocheted with some fluffy yarn,
use the velcro tape to comb the toy and make it fluffier.
The size of the finished toys made of Drops Alpaca, Drops Nord or Drops Safran is about 7,5 cm (3 inches).

Your little panda is ready!

Download PDF Pattern

download pdf file

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