Easy White Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

my dear friends.
Hello to all of you first. Today I will share a very cute and very easy amigurumi bunny pattern. An easy rabbit pattern for beginners. It looks pretty cute even though it doesn’t have too many details on it. Do you want to try?

Little Cute Easy White Bunny Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

I think if you are a beginner in knitting amigurumi, you can start with such a pattern. No information was given about the materials of bunny amigurumi. However, it consists of only one color. Only a different color is used on the scarf. Therefore, it will be a pattern that will not force you. Good luck to you all in advance.

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sc: Single crochet
inc: Increase
dec: Decrease
tr: Treble/Triple crochet
TRinc: Work 2 tr sts intothe same st.
dc: Double crochet
hdc: Half double crochet
sl-st: Slip stitch
ch: Chain
st/sts: stitch/stitches
FLO: Front loop only.
BLO: Back loop only.
BL: Bobble Stitch: (Yarn over insert your hook into the st and pull up a loop.Yarn over again and pull through 2 loops) repeat the steps in the same st until you have a total of 5 loops on your hook.Yarn over and pull through all 5 loops at once.
Reverse single crochet: Ch 1, working from left to right, insert your hook into the next st,turn hook to the left side, grab yarn and pull through. There are now 2 loops on your hook. Draw up a loop, bring yarn over the hook again and draw this loop through both loops.
(…)- x times: Repeat the instructions between parantheses x times.
(…): Reprensents the number of sts you should have at the end of the round.

Little White Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Legs: (make 2)

1. MR: 6sc
2. 6 inc
3. (sc,inc) x 6

Start with 2nd leg and make 9 chain join with 1st leg then back with 9sc and 18sc in 2nd leg (9+18+9+18).


1-27.  54sc (27 rnds)
28. (7sc, dec) x 6
29. (6sc, dec) x 6
30. (5sc, dec) x 6
31. (4sc, dec) x 6
32. (3sc, dec) x 6
33. (2sc, dec) x 6


1. MR 6sc
2. 6 inc
3. (sc, inc) x 6
4. (2sc, inc) x6
5. (3sc, inc) x6
6. (4sc, inc) x6
7. (5sc, inc) x6
8. (6sc, inc) x6
9. (7sc, inc) x6
10. (8sc, inc) x6
11. (9sc, inc) x6
12. (10sc, inc) x6
13. (11sc, inc) x6
14– 22. 78sc (9 rnds)
23. (12sc, inc) x6
24. (13sc, inc) x6
25. (14sc, inc) x6
26. 96sc
27. (14sc, dec) x6
28. (13sc, dec) x6
29. (12sc, dec) x6
30. (11sc, dec) x6
31. (10sc, dec) x6
32. (9sc, dec) x6
33. (8sc, dec) x6
34. (7sc, dec) x6
35. (6sc, dec) x6
36. (5sc, dec) x6
37. (4sc, dec) x6
38. (3sc, dec) x6
39. (2sc, dec) x6

Ears: (make 2)

1. MR: 6sc
2. 6 inc
3. (sc, inc) x 6
4. (2sc, inc) x6
5-10. 24sc (6rnds)
11. (10sc, dec) x 2
12-14. 22sc
15. (9sc, dec) x 2
16-17. 20sc
18. (8sc, dec) x2
19-20. 18sc
21. (7sc, dec) x2
22-23. 16sc
24.(6sc, dec) x2
25. 14sc

Hands: (make 2)

1. MR: 6sc
2. 6 inc
3-19. 12sc (17 rnds).

Scarf :

1. Start with 87 chain.
2. (BLO) Work in the opposite direction. Starting with the Third stitch. Hdc until the last stitch. (85).
3-4. (BLO) 85 hdc (2 rounds) (85).

Little Cute Easy White Bunny Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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