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Elephant Amigurumi Keychain PDF Crochet Pattern

elephant keychain amigurumi pattern, elephant amigurumi pattern

Hello to everyone,

Today’s free amigurumi pattern is an elephant crochet keychain. These days, I am trying to enter some keychain models, various amigurumi pattern keychains are formed. You can choose the free amigurumi keychain model as you wish. You can crochet the amigurumi pattern in the color you want.

The elephant amigurumi keychain model looks great with a cute strawberry pattern on it. Easily create this elephant amigurumi keychain model to use in your bags and keychains. Thank you to the model owner for this wonderful elephant amigurumi key chain model. Amigurumi elephant toy pattern has big ears. The inner parts of the ears are crocheted with pink yarn. You can add the patterns on the free Amigurumi eyebrows and hose after the toy is finished. The pink lines under the eyes were also added after the toy was finished. These lines are made to make the Amigurumi toy look more cute. You should start making this free pattern in no time.

PDF Elephant Amigurumi Keychain Crochet Free Pattern

Instagram: handmadebylacey


•2mm hook
•6mm safety eyes

Let’s start making our fun Amigurumi toy 🙂
The head part of the free pattern can be a little tricky. Be patient and continue to crochet.


1. 6sc in ring
2. Inc (12)
3. 1sc,inc (18)
4. 2sc,inc (24)
5. 3sc,inc (30)
6. 4sc,inc (36)
7-12. sc in all

Attache safety eyes between Row 9-10 with 6st apart

13. 4sc,dec (30)
14. 3sc,dec (24)
15. 2sc,dec (18)
16. 1dec,10sc,2dec,4sc (16)

We finished the Amigurumi Elephant’s Head part. Now let’s do the body part.


1. 6sc in ring
2. inc (12)
3. 1sc,inc (18)
4. 2sc,inc (24)
5. 3sc,inc (30)
6-10. sc in all
11. 4sc,dec (25)
12. 3sc,dec (20)
13. sc in all
14. 3sc,dec (16)
15-16. sc in all

Arms (X2)

1. 6 sc in ring
2-8. sc in all

You have finished the body and arms of the Amigurumi Pattern. Let’s start making the elephant’s trunk 🙂


1. 4sc in ring
2. inc (8)
3-4. sc in all
5. 3sc,inc (10)
6. sc in all
7. 4sc,inc (12)
8-9. sc in all

Legs (X2)

Ch5, start in second ch from hook
1. 3sc, 3sc in same st, continue on other side, 2sc,inc
2. inc,2sc,3inc,2sc,2inc
3. 4sc,3dec,4sc,dec
4. 4sc,2dec,4sc
5-10. sc in all
11. 3sc,dec

Ears (X2)

1. 4sc in ring, ch 1 turn
2. inc, ch 1 turn
3. slst, 6inc, slst, ch 1 turn
4. slst, 12inc, slst, ch 1 turn
Change colour to grey
5-6. sc in all
Sc along the end.
Crochet the ears of the amigurumi toy as in the picture.

elephant keychain amigurumi pattern, elephant amigurumi pattern

Let’s make the strawberry and leaf part of the amigurumi toy 🙂


1. 4sc in ring
2. 1sc,inc (6)
3. 2sc,inc (8)
4. 3sc,inc (10)
5. 4sc,inc (12)
6. 5sc,inc (14)
7. 6sc,inc (16)
8-9. sc in all
10. 2sc,dec (12)
11. 1sc,dec (8)
Sew hol closed


Ch 4, sc in all, slst
Ch 3, sc in all, slst
Ch 4, sc in all, slst

elephant keychain amigurumi pattern, elephant amigurumi pattern

You have completed the Amigurumi Elephant Keychain pattern. 🙂

Download PDF Pattern
download pdf file

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