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Crochet Bee Keychain Amigurumi PDF Pattern

by LovelyCraft

Little Bee Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Hello dear friends. Today we will make the crochet keychain amigurumi pattern together. Even though the pattern is designed as a bee figure, it does not look exactly like a bee. We have nothing to do about it. Since it is already designed as a crochet keychain, it makes much more sense to have this size and shape. I think the colors of the bee are designed very successfully. Usually monochrome bees are made. But the use of different colors in this crochet amigurumi pattern looks more impressive.

I am trying to share insect amigurumi patterns as well as animal amigurumi. I will try to share the doll keychain amigurumi patterns as I find them. Now let’s crochet the bee keychain amigurumi step by step.

PDF Little Bee Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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Metarials needed

1. Yarn Art Jeans, 55% cotton, 45% acryl, 50g/160m next colors:
• for bee – yellow No 88, brown No 40
• For wings – white No 01
2. Crochet hook 2 mm or 2.25 mm (US: B, UK:14)
3. 5 mm safety eyes,
4. Fiberfill, thick sewing needle

  • little bee, arms
  • little bee, eyes
  • little bee, body


MR– magic Ring
ch– chain stitch
sc– single crochet
inc– increase, 2 sc in the next sc
dec– decrease, sc2tog, single crochet 2 stitches together
(16)– number of stitches in a round
(inc, sc)*N– repeat N times


Start with yellow yarn.
Work in continuous rounds without slip stitches.
Rnd 1: 7 sc in the MR
Rnd 2: 7 inc (14)
Rnd 3: (inc, 1 sc)*7 (21)
Rnd 4: (inc, 2 sc)*7 (28)
Rnd 5: (inc, 3 sc)*7 (35)
Connect brown yarn (don’t cut off the yellow one):
Rnd 6: (inc, 4 sc)*7 (42)
Rnd 7-8: sc in each stitch around 2 rounds
Conncet yellow yarn:
Rnd 9-11: sc in each stitch around 3 rounds
Set the eyes between 4 and 5 rounds as shown on the photo.
Connect brown yarn:
Rnd 12-14: sc in each stitch around 3 rounds
Connect yellow yarn:
Rnd 15: (dec, 5 sc)*6 (36)
Rnd 16: (dec, 4 sc)*6 (30)
Rnd 17: (dec, 3 sc)*6 (24)
Connect brown yarn (cut off the yellow one):
Rnd 18: (dec, 2 sc)*6 (18)
Rnd 19: 18 sc
Rnd 20: (dec, 1 sc)*6 (12)
Rnd 21: 12 sc
Stuff the egg with the fiberfill
Rnd 22: 6 dec (6)
Rnd 23: 6 sc
Rnd 24: 3 dec (3)
Cut off the yarn, hide the end into the body.
Embroider the blush under the eyes.


With white yarn.
Rnd 1: 6 sc in the MR
Rnd 2: 6 inc (12)
Rnd 3: 12 sc
Rnd 4: (dec, 1 sc)*4 (8)
Don’t stuff.
Fold so that the stitches of the last round line each other.
Crochet opposite stitches with 4 sc.
Cut off the yarn, leave a long tail, sew to the top of body.


With brown yarn.
Rnd 1: 6 sc in the MR
Rnd 2: 6 sc
Cut off the yarn, leave a long end, sew to the body.
Congratulations! Your Little Bee is ready!
I hope you enjoyed the process and now feel happy with the result!

Download PDF Pattern
download pdf file

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