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Crochet PDF Sunflower Teddy Bear Amigurumi Pattern

Sunflower Bear Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Hello to everyone,
One of the most beautiful harbingers of the summer season is the sunflower fields. The sunflower follows the sun that rises in the morning until it sets in the evening. It is like the dance of colors. Sunflower inspired for the dress pattern of this wonderful bear amigurumi. It fits wonderfully. This beautiful bear amigurumi is a candidate to be your favourite. You can crochet for your loved ones and for your children and grandchildren. It can be a gift idea for home gifts. Don’t forget to add the pattern to your favorite list. This pattern completely free pattern.

The sunflower teddy bear amigurumi pattern knit dress model looks great. It is very suitable for summer wear fashion. The color of the cute teddy bear is light brown, the body part is crochet a little darker. The ends of the dress are likened to sunflower leaves. The green lines are knitted so that it resembles a flower completely. This great pattern idea will become your favourite. You can prepare the materials and prepare this wonderful pattern in the evening sun on the beach.

PDF Sunflower Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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sc: single crochet
inc: increase
dec: decrease
slst: slip stitch
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
ch: chain
FO: fasten off

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  • Oso de Girasol Amigurumi Patrón Gratis

We start crochet to Teddy bear amigurumi’s head.


R 1: MR, 7sc
R 2: 7inc (14)
R 3: 7*sc, inc (21)
R 4: 7*(sc, inc, sc) (28))
R 5: 7*3sc, inc (35)
R 6: 7*(2sc, inc 2sc) (42)
R 7: 7*5sc, inc (49)
R 8: 7*(3sc, inc, 3sc) (56)
R 9: 7*7sc, inc (63)
R 10-14: 63 sc
R 15: 7*(4sc, inc, 4sc) (70)
R 16-20: 70 sc
R 21: 7*9 sc, inc (77)
R 22-25: 77 sc
R 26: 7*9 sc, dec (70)
R 27: 35 dec
R 28: 35 sc
R 29: 10 sc, dec*2, 9 sc, dec (32)

Second We will make legs and body of bear amigurumi.


R 1: MR, 6 sc
R 2: 6 inc (12)
R 3: 3*3 sc, inc (15)
R 4-16: 15 sc
Change to green color
R 17-18: 15 sc
Cut off. Make second leg, do not cut off but make 5 ch then link to first leg: 15 sc on first leg + 5 sc on 5 ch + 15 sc on second leg + 5 sc on 5 ch = 40 sc (R 19)
R 20: 8*4 sc, inc (48)
R 21: 8*5 sc, inc (56)
R 22-25: 56 sc
R 26: BLO 56 sc
R 27: BLO 8*5 sc, dec (48)
Change to dark brown color
R 28-31: 48 sc
R 32: 8*4sc, dec (40)
R 33-36: 40 sc
R 37: 8*3sc, dec (32)
R 38-39: 32 sc
FO. Leave a long tail for sewing.
Back to R26, with yellow yarn, crochet FLO: 10ch, on second ch count from hook, do (slst, sc, hdc, 5dc) skip 3 sts, slst, 9 ch-> slst, sc, hdc, 5dc, skip 3 sts, slst… continue to the end. Do the same to R27.


R 1: MR, 5sc
R 2: 5 inc (10)
R 3: 5*sc inc (15)
R 4-5: 15 sc
R 6: 3*3sc, dec (12)
R 7-19: 12 sc
FO. Leave a long tail for sewing.


R 1: MR, 2ch, 9 dc, 3ch, slst
Tighten the MR, FO, Leave a long tail for sewing. Make 2.

Last part muzzle! We crochet to muzzle for teddy bear amigurumi.


R 1: MR, 6 sc
R 2: 6 inc (12)
R 3: 3 sc, 6 inc, 3 sc (18)
R 4: 3 sc, sc, inc*6, 3 sc (24)
R 5: 24 sc
FO. Leave a long tail for sewing.


• Fill the head, body, arms with fiberfill. Safety eyes size 10 mm.
• Use dark brown thread to sew the nose.
• To form the petals: use hat glue gun to glue 2 layers

Download PDF Pattern

download pdf file

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