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Tuxedo Sam Crochet Penguin Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

tuxedo- sam- free- crochet- pattern

Hi everyone , our character today, tuxedo sam. You can also make different colors according to the yarn you use. Our designer has made this character great, and the red details on his tiny white hat look very nice. Thanks a lot to him. We hope you enjoy doing the design, have fun too. Tuxedo Sam is a cute penguin boy who is a Japanese anime character, he is a very clumsy little guy who loves to eat and is also very clumsy. He also has a great sense of fashion, our hero wears it in a small hat and a red bow tie.

Tuxedo sam is a very cute penguin friend. Making crochet penguin amigurumi is quite simple. I tried to share the details with you step by step. However, in such amigurumi patterns, color transitions can be a little difficult. Although it is easy to make good amigurumi, especially when velvet rope is used, changing the color can be a bit of a challenge. By the way, the crochet penguin pattern is completely free. But I’m sure you’ll get over it. Now let’s crochet penguin amigurumi together.

Tuxedo Sam Penguin Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

Instagram: rin.meow21
Etsy Shop: rinmeow21

Abbreviations & Materials

Mr– magic ring
Sc– single crochet
Inc– increase
Dec– decrease
(…)*n– repeat in braces n times
Sl.st– slip stitch
Ch– chain
BLO– back loop only
FLO– front loop only

Hook size: 2.5mm/ depends on the size
of chunky yarn you’re using drops safran
yarn/ chunky yarn
Embroidery thread
Yarn needle
Safety needle
Safety eyes
Stitch marker
Fiber fill

Head & Body

Start with [blue]

1. MR 8sc (8)
2. 8inc (16)
3. (sc,inc)*8 (24)
4. (3sc,inc)*6 (30)
5. (4sc,inc)*6 (36)
6. (5sc,inc)*6 (42)
7. (6sc,inc)*6 (48)
8-10. 48sc (48)
11. (7sc,inc)*6 (54)
12-18. 54sc (54)
19. (8sc,inc)*6 (60)
20. 25sc, [white] 10sc, [blue] 25sc (60)
21. 23sc, [white] 14sc, [blue] 23sc (60)
22. 22sc, [white] 16sc, [blue] 22sc (60)
23. 21sc, [white] 18sc, [blue] 21sc (60)
24-25. 21sc, [white] 19sc, [blue] 20sc (60)
26-27. 21sc, [white] 20sc, [blue] 19sc (60)
28. (8sc,dec)*2,sc, [white] 7sc,dec,8sc,dec,2sc, [blue] 6sc,dec,8sc,dec (54)
29-30. 19sc, [white] 19sc, [blue] 16sc (54)
31. BLO 54sc (54)
32. (7sc,dec)*6 (48)
33. (6sc,dec)*6 (42)
34. (5sc,dec)*6 (36)
35. (4sc,dec)*6 (30)
36. (3sc,dec)*6 (24)
37. (2sc,dec)*6 (18)
38. (sc,dec)*6 (12)
39. 6dec (6)

Fasten off and weave in the end.
Insert the eyes between r16-17,8 stitches apart.

Mouth- [yellow]

1. MR 7sc (7)
2. 7inc (14)

Fasten off & leave a long tail for sewing.

Arms- [blue]

1. MR 6sc (6)
2. 6inc (12)
3-5. 12sc (12)
6. (4sc,dec)*2 (10)

Fasten off & leave a long tail for sewing.

Legs- [yellow]

1. MR 7sc (7)
2. 7inc (14)
3-5. 14sc (14)
6. (5sc,dec)*2 (12)

Fasten off & leave a long tail for sewing.

Bow- [red]

Make 5 chain
Start in the 2nd ch from hook
1. 4sc, 1ch and turn
2-5. 4sc, 1ch and turn
6. 4ch and leave a long tail

Hat- [white]

1. MR 8sc (8)
2. 8inc (16)
3. (sc,inc)*8 (24)
4-6. 24sc (24)
7. FLO 24sc (24)
8. [red] 24sc (24)

This character is ready, I hope you liked the pattern.

Download PDF Pattern

download pdf file

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