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Crochet Acorn Ball Ornament Free Pattern

crochet acorn ball ornament free pattern

Hello everyone amigurumi lovers,
Today I bring you a wonderful christmas tree ornament pattern. With only a few days left until Christmas, the decoration part comes to an end. You can make the last crochet ornaments for your tree by keeping your hand fast. If you wish, you can gift this cute crochet acorn Christmas ornament to your loved ones. Isn’t that a good idea? For beginners, you will be able to do it very easily thanks to its detailed step by step explanation. You can use ready-made transparent decoration materials when making a crocheted acorn christmas ornament. This will provide more convenience. Let’s move on to the pattern instructions without further ado. Stay tuned for more crochet free amigurumi patterns. Merry Christmas.

Crochet Acorn Ball Ornament Free Pattern

Instagram: doubledutchcrochetco


Colour A: Baby snuggle in blush
Colour B: Baby snuggle in teddy bear
Diy plastic ornament or fiber fill
Hook: 5.5 mm

Size: 6×6 in


Colour A
Row 1: mr, sc 8 (8)
Row 2: (inc)*8 (16)
Row 3: (sc,inc)*8 (24)
Row 4: sc 24 (24)
Row 5: (sc2,inc)*8 (32)
Row 6: sc 32 (32)
Row 7: (sc3,inc)*8 (40)
Row 8-10: sc 40 (40)
Colour B
Row 11: (sc,bobble)*20 (40)
Row 12: (sc3,dec)*8 (32)
Row 13: (bobble,sc)*16 (32)
Row 14: (sc2,dec)*8 (24)
Row 15: (sc,bobble)*12 (24)
Row 16: (sc,dec)*8 (16)
Row 17: (bobble,dec)*5, bobble x 1 (11)
Gather last stitches.

1. Take a plain christmas ornament or if you choose, you can simply use fiber fill to stuff the ornament.

crochet acorn ball ornament free pattern- plastic ornament

2. Make the pattern up until approximately row 12. Stick the christmas ornament in or stuff with fiber fill.

crochet acorn ball ornament free pattern- acorn

3. Continue to work around the plastic ornament until complete. Tie off and add a ribbon to hang on the tree.

crochet acorn ball ornament free pattern- acorn- 2

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