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Crochet Winnie the pooh PDF Amigurumi Pattern

by LovelyCraft

Crochet Winnie the pooh Amigurumi Pattern (2)

Dear friends, today we will crochet winnie the pooh teddy bear amigurumi pattern. A very small amigurumi pattern. But I wouldn’t say crochet winnie the pooh is easy. A slightly advanced pattern. The amigurumi part of the pattern is actually quite easy. But the honey jar can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you are knowledgeable about embroidering with amigurumi crochet, it will be quite easy for you.

Today we added a new one to the animal amigurumi patterns. Actually, I like to crochet teddy bear, but I want to share different patterns. You can see plenty of doll amigurumi patterns in the next designs. I will also try to share cartoon amigurumi characters. Now let’s crochet winnie the pooh amigurumi step by step.


PDF Crochet Winnie the pooh Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

Designer: angelsdesign_amigurumi


Yarn. Depens on your choice. I use to Polycherry yarn and milk cotton yarn with collors
– Dark yellow/yellow/gold
– Red
– Brown
– Light Grey / light blue
Hook size 2 mm/ 0.2 tulip gold
Fiberfill for stuffing
Yarn needle / tapestry needle
Safety eyes 6 or 7 mm


MR: Amigurumi Magic ring
sc : Single Crochet
inc : Increase
dec : Decrease
trc : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet
st: Stitch
dc : Double Crochet
hdc: Half Double Crochet
sl-st : Slip Stitch
ch : Chain : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).
FLO : Crochet into front loops only
BLO : Crochet into back loops only



Use the dark yellow yarn for head, and red and dark yellow for body, work in continuous spiral.
Ch 7 – starting from the second hole
R1 inc, 4sc, 35c-inc, 5sc 14
R2 (sc, inc)*7 (21)
R3 (2sc, inc)*7 (28)
R4 (3sc, inc)*7 (35)
R5 (4sc, inc)*7 (42)
R6 (5sc, inc)*7 (49)
R7-9 49sc around (49)
R10 (6sc, inc)*7 (56)
R11-13 56sc around (56)
R14 (6sc, inc)*8 (64)
R15-17 64sc around (64)
R18 (6sc, dec)*8 (56)
R19 (5sc, dec)*8 (48)
R20 (4sc, dec)*8 (40)
R21 (3sc, dec)*8 (32)
R22 (2sc, dec)*8 (24)
– Change the color yarn with the red yarn to make the body, don’t cut the dark yellow yarn.
– insert the safety eyes between row 9 and 10 with 8 stitsch distance.
R23 Slst 24 (24)
R24 (2sc, inc)*8 (32)
R25 32 sc around (32)
R26 (3sc, inc)*8 (40)
R27-29 40sc around (40)
Please stuffing the head and – Replace with the dark yellow yarn. Cut red yarn.
R30 (4sc, inc)*8 (48)
R31-33 48sc around (48)
R34 (4sc, dec)*8 (40)
R35 (3sc, dec)*8 (32)
R36 (2sc, dec)*8 (24)
R37 (sc, dec)*8 (16)
R38 Dec 8sc (8)
– please stuffing and fasten off.
– sew the eyebrow on the top of eyes with second stitch distance with the brown yarn.


R1 MR4 (4)
R2 4 inc (8)
R3 BLO 8sc (8)
R4 inc, 7sc (9)
R5 9sc around (9)
R6 Inc, 8sc (10)
R7 10sc around (10)
R8 Inc, 9sc (11)
R9 5sc, ch 1-turn (5)
R10 -Start from the 2nd hole- 4sc -turn (4)
R11 -Start from the 2nd hole- 3sc (3)
– FO, leave the thread for sewing
– stuffing the legs but don’t be to dense

ARMS (make 2)

Use the dark yellow yarn and red yarn for the sleeves.
R1 MR6 (6)
R2 BLO 5sc, inc (7)
R3 7sc around (7)
– Change color yarn with the red yarn to make the sleeve.
R4 6sc, inc (8)
R5 8sc, around (8)
R6 7sc, inc (9)
R7 9sc around (9)
– Stuffing the arm but don’t be to dense
– holding sides together arm and continou work r8
R8 4sc, ch 1 – turn (4)
R9 4sc around (4)
– Fasten off, leave the thread for sewing

EARS (make 2)

Use the dark yellow yarn.
R1 MR 6 (6)
R2 6 inc (12)
R3-5 12 sc around (12)
– FO, leave the thread for sewing


Use the lark yellow yarn
R1 MR6 (6)
R2 6inc (12)
R3-5 12sc around (12)


Use the dark yellow yarn.
R1 MR (6)
R2 6 inc (12)
R3 (sc, inc)*6 (18)
R4-5 18sc around (18)
R6 (sc, dec) *6 (12)
R7 6 dec (6)
FO, leave the thread for sewing


Use the light grey or light blue yarn.
R1 MR8 sc (8)
R2 8 inc (16)
R3 (sc, inc)*8 (24)
R4 BLO 24 SC (24)
R5 (3sc, inc)*6 (30)
R6-7 30 sc around (20)
R8 (3sc, dec)*6 (24)
R9 (2sc, dec) *6 (18)
R10 FLO 18 inc (36)
R11 36 sc around (36)
– change the color yarn with the gold yarn.
– start on R10 in BLO
R12 BLO 18 sc (18)
R13 (sc, dec)*6 (12)
R14 6 dec (6)
– FO and hide the thread. If you want to continou make the melted honey from R14, please don’t cut the yarn and continou to make the melted honey.


Use the gold yarn.
– Start from the R11 on the 5th hole
R1 Ch 12, start from the 9th hole, Dc, Hdc, 6sc, slst. (7)
R2 Ch 7, start from the 4th hole, Dc, Hdc, 2sc, slst. (4)
R3 Ch 10, start from the 7th hole, Dc, Hdc, 4sc, slst. (6)
FO and sew the meldet honey to the honey jug and hide the thread.

Crochet Winnie the pooh Amigurumi Pattern (3)

Download PDF Pattern

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