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Halloween Crochet Plush Pumpkin Free PDF Pattern

Halloween Orange Plush Pumpkin Crochet Free Pattern

There is very little time left for Halloween. Have you completed your preparations? Today I will share a beautiful crochet halloween amigurumi pumpkin pattern for you. You can check out other halloween amigurumi free patterns on my site.

A beautiful crochet amigurumi pumpkin pattern designed by “Catknit_”. The color and layers are really impressive. If you follow the rules about the details step by step, you can have the same crochet pumpkin amigurumi. You can use such beautiful decorative amigurumi models in your home, especially when Halloween is approaching. So what level? It’s very easy to make. Beginners can do it easily. Come on, decorate your home with handmade crochet patterns and add a different atmosphere this Halloween!

Halloween Orange Plush Pumpkin Crochet Free Pattern

Desinger: catknit_


Colour A
2 balls of Cygnet Yarns Chenille, Mustard

Colour B
1 Ball of James C Brett Flutterby, Camel

Colour C
1 ball of Rico Ricorumi DK, Tangerine

Crochet Hook

Toy Stuffing


1. Chain 41, sc in second st from hook and across all st.
2-60. Continue back and forth, chain 1 at the end of each row before you turn, this does not count as a st.
Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew the sides together.
Sew sides together.

Now you will have a tube like shape.
To gather the stitches, weawe a long tail of colour C in and out around the stitches of the bottom, I wove in and out around every 2 stitches.
Now draw on both sides of the chain to scrunch up the stiches, tighten as much as you can before you tie a knot. Using one of the ends of the chain, stitch across the small opening that’s left.
Do the same for the top opening but before you close it completely stuff the pumpkin firmly.


Once you have your stitched up pumpkin you will be splitting it in to 5 parts of 12 rows using colour C.

Using a long tail of colour C, long enough to go from top of the pumpkin to the bottom and up again, fasten the tail at the top.
Your pumpkin will have natural dips where you’ve gathered the stiches so in between one of these dips, make a long chain to the bottom, pulling hard to create a dent and fasten.
Using the same bit of thread, go over the same chain again up to the top and fasten.

Repeat another 4 times so that the pumpkin is split in to 5 parts.


1. Using colour B, work 6sc in magic ring (6)
2. Inc in each st (12)
3. *1sc, 1inc** repeat * to ** 6 times (18)
4. Sc in the back loop only.
5-10. Sc in each st
11. *2sc, 1 inc in front loop only** repeat * to ** 6 times (24)
12. *3sc, 1 inc** repeat * to ** 6 times (30)

Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew the stem to the pumpkin.
Do NOT stuff the stem before attaching it to the pumpkin.
Sew the stem to the top of the pumpkin and you are done!

Download PDF Pattern
download pdf file

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