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Crochet Winnie The Pooh Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern

by LovelyCraft

Greetings everyone, it’s a wonderful summer day and here is the cute cartoon hero winnie the pooh amigurumi toy for free. We are sure that our beloved cartoon hero will love your children, we are preparing a wonderful handmade crochet surprise for them. I wish you success in advance.

Hello friends, today we have our favorite cartoon character winnie the pooh, we have published the plush and big version of this character before, this time the little winnie the pooh bear pattern is with you. Your children will love this amigurumi pattern, and you will have a lot of fun crocheting this free amigurumi pattern. You can simply complete the pattern as this cute teddy bear has step by step instructions.


The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Bear Amigurumi Pattern

Instagram: beary_bearnita_


MR– magic ring
Sc– single crochet
Hdc– half double crochet
Dc– double crochet
Inc– increase (2 single crochet in 1 stitch)
Dec– decrease ( invisible decrease)
FLO– front loop only
slst– slip stitch


•Yarn: sport or DK light weight yarn.
•Crochet hook: 2mm- 2.5mm
•Black embroidery thread
•Safety eyes size 5mm
•Yarn needles



Start with yellow yarn

Rnd 1. 8sc in MR (8)
Rnd 2. 8-inc (16)
Rnd 3. (sc,inc)*8 (24)
Rnd 4-5. (2rnds) 24sc (24)
Rnd 6. 8sc, 5-dec, 6sc (19)
Rnd 7-9. (3rnds) 19sc (19)
Rnd 10. 14sc (14)
Cut the yarn, make the 2nd leg in the same way till rnd 9.
Rnd 10 of leg 2.8sc (8)

Do not cut the yarn, make 5 chains, join in 1st leg.
Continue to the body.


Rnd 1-5. (5rnds) 48sc (48)
Change to red
Rnd 6. 48sc (48)
Rnd 7. (10sc,dec)*4 (44)
Rnd 8-9. (2rnds) 44sc (44)
Rnd 10. (9sc,dec)*4 (40)
Rnd 11-12. (2rnds) 40sc (40)
Rnd 13. (8sc,dec)*4 (36)
Rnd 14. 36sc (36)
Rnd 15. (7sc,dec)*4 (32)
Rnd 16. 32sc (32)

Change to yellow. Continue to the head.


Rnd 1. BLO 32- inc (64)
Rnd 2. 64sc (64)
Rnd 3. (7sc,inc)*8 (72)
Rnd 4-6. (3rnds) 72sc (72)
Rnd 7. (8sc,inc)*8 (80)
Rnd 8-12. (5rnds) 80sc (80)
Rnd 13. 29sc, dec, (3sc,dec)*6, 19sc (73)
Rnd 14. 22sc, 2-dec, 7sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 7sc, 2-dec, 12sc (66)
Rnd 15. 36sc, dec, 28sc (65)

Insert the eyes between round 14,15. 10s

Rnd 16-24. (9rnds) 65sc (65)
Rnd 25. (11sc,dec)*5 (60)
Rnd 26-27. (2rnds) 60sc (60)
Rnd 28. (8sc,dec)*6 (54)
Rnd 29. (7sc,dec)*6 (48)
Rnd 30. (6sc,dec)*6 (42)
Rnd 31. (5sc,dec)*6 (36)
Rnd 32. (4sc,dec)*6 (30)
Rnd 33. (3sc,dec)*6 (24)
Rnd 34. (sc,dec)*8 (16)
Rnd 35. 8-dec (8)

Cut the yarn weave in the end.


Rnd 1. 6sc in MR (6)
Rnd 2. 6-inc (12)
Rnd 3-5. (3rnds) 12sc (12)
Rnd 6. (4sc,dec)*2 (10)

Slst. Cut the yarn, leave a long tail for sewing.


Start with yellow yarn

Rnd 1. 6sc in MR (6)
Rnd 2. 6-inc (12)
Rnd 3-10. (8rnds) 12sc (12)
Change to red
Rnd 10-14. 12sc (12)
Rnd 15. BLO 12sc (12)

Cut the yarn, leave a long tail for sewing.


Insert your hook to BLO round (rnd 15)
Rnd 1. (5sc,inc)*2 (14)
Rnd 2-5. (4rnds) 14sc (14)

Cut the yarn and weave in the end..

Download PDF Pattern

download pdf file

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